Calypso Cruiser was inspirited by the myth of Calypso which also was represented in the traditional Asian design. “Glamour” and “Grandeur” are best to characterize the Calypso. The cruiser presents a luxurious exterior blending with the gorgeus nature of Halong bay harmoniously. Calypso Cruiser features 12 deluxe cabins, all finely equiped and exposed to the widest view of the bay as well as wide range of recreational activities in the spectacular scenery of the Bay of Descending Dragons.

Calypso cruiser also characterizes a fine dining resturant and bar on the second deck, which always serves you best food ever like a feast for the senses. The top deck gives you a panaromic view of splendid Halong bay and  let you enjoy the magical moments of a day – dawn and sunset, which promises you unforgetable and thoroughly relaxing moments in your Halong bay Cruise tour. Moreover, this is a place for different activities like Taichi in the morning, dining at night which will enhance your experiences at magical Halong bay. Recreational activities like cave visiting, swimming, kayaking in the emerald water of Halong bay are intergral experience during your time with Calypso.

Calypso Cruiser fleet always work hard to committ a prestigious quality of service for guests – a Calypso cruising experience in Halong bay

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Oriental Sail - Calypso - Connecting Cabins
Connecting Cabins
Connecting Cabins
Connecting Cabins
Double Cabin
Twin Cabin
Outside View
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